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Seasons Greetings,

What a year 2019 has been! Between individuals excelling themselves in various rallies and championships throughout the year, more members out on events marshalling and of course the much-anticipated return of the Mel Harries Memorial Rally, we should be very proud.

As always, there has been a strong Ammanford Motor Club presence on both stage and road rallies this year, and this isn’t just limited to these shores, but around the world with competitors competing in Ireland, Isle of Man, Belgium and as far as the USA! Not only that, AMC competitors have brought home a lot of silverware from rallies throughout the year and also from championship successes which is a testament to the talent within the club.

Talking of talent, current WAMC Road Rally Champion Navigator, Michael Gilbey let us in on a few of his tips and trade secrets with a Navigation Training & Table Top evening which goes to show the commitment the club has to aiding members achieve their full potential. Another club night saw, Motorsport UK Scrutineer, Rob John talk all things technical and give members an insight in to what to expect from regulations in 2020 and beyond, ensuring that members have no nasty or unforeseen surprises either during car builds or on events.

Not forgetting the unsung heroes of our sport, the marshals who have braved all manner of elements throughout the year to ensure that competitors have their fun. AMC once again have seen an increase in marshalling activities throughout the year which is a positive step forward for the club which we intend on promoting even further into the forthcoming season.

Lastly, the club’s flagship road rally, The Mel Harries Memorial Road Rally or “The Mel” as it’s affectionately called is BACK! Getting this fantastic event back up and running has taken some doing over the last 12 months but all the hard work and effort finally came to fruition last month. We have to thank long term club member, Andrew Davies of Derwydd Garage (Llandybie) Ltd for returning as the main sponsor of the event and a thank you to all those who purchased advertisements in the spectator information. We’ll be here all day thanking everyone individually so to keep it brief, a huge WELL DONE to the organising team for a brilliant job and those club members and non-club members who gave their time to ensure that the rally was a success. Work is already well underway for The Mel 2020 and no doubt the night will be here again before we know it.

Before that though, pencil into your diaries the AMC Annual Awards Presentation Evening which will be held at The Plough, Rhosmaen on Saturday 8th February 2020! It’s a great evening where we celebrate all your achievements and exploits from 2019 and is not to be missed, so get your names down ASAP.

Lastly, may you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and successful New Year!

Best Wishes

Ammanford Motor Club

— Ammanford Motor Clubammanfordmotorclub@gmail.com

  • Morning Claire thanks for agreeing to be interviewed
  • How did you first become involved with rallying?
  • I went to watch Wales rally GB in 2007 with my boyfriend at the time who enjoyed watching.I was hooked and so we went to watch more rallies and eventually bought our first road car in 2009 so we could have a go ourselves.
  • Great stuff, what was your first rally and result?
  • Pinged hill 2010, result wise I’d have to get back to you . its on a spreadsheet back at home.
  • Facebook or Twitter
  • Facebook……..That was a question right?
  • Absolutely lol, What is the most ridiculous thing you have purchased?
  • Irish accent spray
  • Really!!
  • Yeah for a laugh as i was competing in Ireland, it was in a joke shop.
  • What is your favourite car?
  • I do love a Fabia R5
  • Beer or Lager drinker
  • Neither ( with a sick icon)
  • When you plot pen or pencil
  • Pen
  • Who do you admire as a navigator?
  • Ooooooooo That’s a hard one !
  • There are a few lol
  • Your stuck?
  • Yeah properly stumped, there are indeed a few, Can’t narrow it down.
  • Ok moving on..
  • If you where arrested with no explanation what would you family assume you done?
  • I wouldn’t do that i am a good girl.
  • Cough!!
  • Which Finnish drivers name doesn’t end in …Nen?
  • Jari-Matti Latvala of course
  • You are a Great Artist!! a master capturing detail,Which painting has had a big impact on you?
  • The Ogier one.
  • When i got it signed by the man himself,it just turned into a media thing.I loved the reaction.
  • Thank you for your time today Claire.
  • Claire is entry sec and event sec for this years Mel Harries Rally
    • Mark thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for our club page
    • What was your first ever rally and how did you finish?
    • Dai George memorial road rally 1989, retired after second selective with fuel problems
    • sorry it was 1988
    • you have quite a few events under your belt,what is your most memorable?
    • Coming third overall on the Roger Albert Clark rally in 2010
    • Fantastic answer…Fantastic result
    • It was Mega!! Well Chuffed.
    • How did you become involved with rallying?
    • Through Ieuan Thomas and his Brother Dylan going to watch road rallies with them.
    • Your a bit of a Character, ever played a prank on someone?
    • I remember letting two co-drivers set their watches to my watch, and after they took a while to set their posh watches,I told them the rally clock hadn’t arrived yet!
    • What is your pet hate?
    • THE ALARM CLOCK going off in the morning!!
    • What is your favourite discipline? forest,tarmac,or road rally?
    • I’m going to be boring and say their all great
    • Deffo year for the Dai George 1st Rally was 1989 ….sorry for the confusion
    • lol
    • what was the most useless thing you have purchased?
    • I bought a really cheap jump start pack years ago, i used it once and it never recharged after one jump start….absolutely Crap!
    • what is your favourite car?
    • Group B peugeot 205 T16
    • Is it true if you won the lottery you would be fast?
    • Absolutely.
    • Explain the roof lining zip on your mk2 escort
    • lol it was an ex police car and the zip in the lining was where the blue lights fitted
    • and something you used to hide in that lining was?
    • Next…..don’t know what you mean?
    • Would you eat a bowl of crickets for £1000
    • NO WAY would i eat the crickets
    • And lastly how many times have Gareth Bishop helped you out of the pub toilet
    • Too many!! lol
    • Thank you Mark
    • Thanks for the interview, great fun.